With Posture Monitor your computer can make your posture better instead of making it worse.

Posture Monitor is an award winning application that helps improve your posture and sitting behavior. It uses the Intel RealSense 3D camera to monitor your posture while you work, and shows non-intrusive reminders when you start to slouch or have been sitting for too long. The application runs in the background with very little interaction. It does not require wearing any device or gear; it's simply always there while you work or play.

Health issues caused by bad posture and extended sitting are extremely common among people who work with computers. Bad sitting behavior is linked to a whole host of very dangerous diseases and conditions; back and neck pain are just the tip of the iceberg. Studies have shown that reminders, such as the ones produced by Posture Monitor, can help tremendously with breaking sedentary behavior and improving your health.

How does Posture Monitor work?

Posture Monitor uses a 3D camera to read the shape of your body with great accuracy. It then calculates the parameters of your current posture and compares it to your ideal sitting posture to assign a score. The lower the divergence, the higher the posture quality score.

What is RealSense 3D camera?

It's a type of computer camera with Intel's revolutionary depth-sensing technology. It can measure the distance from the camera for each individual pixel, which allows it to detect shapes of objects and people. This is what makes Posture Monitor possible and so accurate. For a list of recommended RealSense cameras, see this page.

Get Posture Monitor today!

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