Impact on Health

We all know that bad posture and extended sitting can cause back pain. But did you know that adverse health effects go far beyond simple pain and discomfort? We've selected some studies, articles and videos to help you understand the dangers of improper sitting.

Sitting is the new smoking.Harvard Business Review
Posture is the key. If your spine is not balanced, you will inevitably have problems in your back, your neck, your shoulders and even your joints.Ann Wilmarth, Chief of Physical Therapy at Harvard University Health Services
The national cost of treating people with back and neck pain was $86 billion in 2005.New York Times
Back pain in workers 40 to 65 years of age costs employers an estimated $7.4 billion/year.National Institutes of Health
Poor posture happens easily if one is intensely concentrating on the work at hand. It is very difficult to consciously maintain proper posture.University of Illinois
Adopting an upright seated posture in the face of stress can maintain self-esteem, reduce negative mood, and increase positive mood compared to a slumped posture.American Psychological Association
Low back pain is the major work-related musculo-skeletal disorder among the IT professionals. In this study, more than 50% of them reported low back pain. Neck pain, shoulder, upper back and wrist are the next most frequent types of musculoskeletal disorders.International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research
On top of spinal deformity, poor posture when either sitting or standing can also affect our energy output, make us look heavy and out of shape, cause stress, and cut off circulation.Medical Daily
What's particularly interesting about recent research is the revelation that sitting for extended periods of time does significant damage to human health that cannot be undone by exercising.CNN


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